Rainforest Night Walks Experience - FEEL THE AMAZON - Anakonda Amazon Cruises

Have you ever wondered how a selvatic environment would look like at night? Imagine all the secrets it keeps? Well, this is an unusual opportunity for you to discover the Amazon and its beauty during the night. The good news is that you can do that with us, and we will take you on this journey. It all starts onboard the cruise after you are done with your delicious dinner and ordered a coffee. You get the caffeine you need because you’re one of our most adventurous guests, and you’ll be joining the guides for a special night walk through the rainforest.

A quick canoe ride brings you to the path where the adventure starts. It’s broader and more spacious than some of the narrower tracks you went on earlier. You’ve come prepared with a headlight strapped over your safari hat and long sleeves to protect you from insects. At first, it is a little uncertain to take a step, but soon your eyes adjust, and a new world is presented to you. 

From the forest, you hear a chorus emerge thousands and thousands of noises from every different creature imaginable create unique nature songs. It’s time to flash your light and get a view of some of the animals that only come out at night. As you follow the guides along the path, they point out unbelievable animals like tree frogs such as the white lined tree frog or the map tree frog, which have rare and incredible features. 

You might find in the forest floor green grasshoppers, snails, and conga ants. Maybe even a walking stick bug and spiders the size of your hand. Don’t you worry, it will be safe while learning fascinating facts about all these species through our guide’s stories.

Forty-five minutes into the walk, it’s time to turn back and head to the canoe. Even though it’s the same path you know, now you’ll see more creatures because you haven’t seen all of the species you’ve passed on the way. Usually, you hear a monkey but can’t see it because it’s off in the distance. But looking up has caused you to spot a pygmy owl, it’s eyes wide with wonder. Then, mesmerized when you look up at the sky full of stars and the moon, which is more intense due to the clear sky and absence of any ounce of light pollution. 

In the end, the guide stops by a home along the path, inhabited by the kind people who maintain this forest highway. This is a treasure trove of life that has just enriched your own. The guide pays and extends thanks to the family. Here continues the cycle of sustainable tourism advancing through our relationships with the communities. 

You’re at the canoe now, ready to head back to the comfort of our vessel and let everybody else on board know all about what they missed. Undoubtedly, this is something you’d like to experience when you travel with us.