Charapas Experience - FEEL THE AMAZON - Anakonda Amazon Cruises

You get to free a charapa turtle into the wild!
For over ten years, we have worked with the local communities in a collaborative conservation program that protects Charapa turtles. The eggs of this endangered species are often eaten as food by people in the area or illegally harvested for human intake.

To protect the species, the Kichwa women carefully collect the eggs from the sandbars near their communities and preserve them. Once the eggs hatch, the keepers take care of the turtles for two months while they grow large enough to be released. That’s when you come in. We bring our guests to the communities where they will have the privilege of return these little creatures into de wild.

This is how the adventure, fun, and sustainability all lineup and are part of one of the most unforgettable experiences we offer in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest.

How do we do it? One of our guides collects the turtles raised by the Kichwa women and hand you your very own turtle to release. They must be held gently between two fingers, being careful not to let it go. You might think of turtles as being slow, but these little roadrunners are anxious to get into the water.

Once placed in the riverbanks, the guide draws a line in the sand a couple of feet from the lapping water where you and the other guests set their turtle down and watch as they sprint to the river and swim away free back to nature. If you choose your turtle wisely, it could be the first to get to the water!

The Charapa turtle’s experience is an inspirational activity that connects guests with nature and the importance of animal conservation. Thanks to your participation, we can support the local communities that live on the banks of the Napo River while taking care of this endangered species.