We learn about the world around us through our senses; they are our gateway to the outside world. These natural channels allow us to explore our environment and experience a multitude of aromas, flavors, textures, images, and sounds that permeate our minds and generate countless sensations, many of which have an ineffable quality.

Traveling and gaining knowledge about new destinations is an important part of the set of experiences that produce gratifying emotions, reduce stress, and encourage self-discovery and self-realization. And when we travel to places that surround us with nature, culture, and biodiversity, a thrilling sense of connection to the planet and to life itself awakens in the heart, leading to an unforgettable experience and a great, profound learning opportunity.

The Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest is one of our planet’s most magical places, full of life and multisensory experiences that stimulate and awaken our natural curiosity, inviting us to explore from the very first moment we arrive.

The many captivating sounds, landscapes, textures, tastes, and smells immerse us in an experience like no other, much like embarking on a magical journey and experiencing a real-life adventure that reminds us of the exotic places we may have only seen before in the movies.

Today we want to share some of the incredible multisensory experiences that this exclusive and pristine corner of the planet has to offer you, a magical world that can be felt and explored through your very own senses!



Navigating through the Amazon Rainforest is truly a sight to behold. The scenery through which our cruise passes along the Napo River is one of lush green vegetation, bright flowers, and vibrantly colored birds. Majestic thousand-year-old trees can be seen, and the rainbows in this part of the world are spectacular. Something as simple as the sparkle of sunlight on the river, or the setting sun casting a multicolor radiance on the water, can fill the heart with a feeling of indescribable joy.

watch rainbows at the Amazon

When we explore the Amazon rainforest, our sense of sight may take some time to adjust to the clever camouflage used by several animals to protect themselves from predators, however with the assistance of our expert native guides who know the Amazon inside out, will be able to spot many birds, flowers, insects, mammals, reptiles, and legendary species such as the Pink River dolphin. So many lifeforms, so many colors, all in their own beautiful natural setting, with a new ecosystem to explore each day!!

On a clear night, the moon’s soft glow and the sheer number of stars in the dark sky in this pure and uncontaminated part of the world will take your breath away.

We can also observe and share with the native cultures who live in the Ecuadorian Amazon, those who still preserve their way of life and traditional dress. They wear crowns and necklaces with brightly colored feathers and paint their faces for celebrations and special occasions. They can also be seen holding a spear in their hands, which they use to hunt and explore the forest.

learn from Amazon natives culture

And like many a great adventure, this one comes with its very own means of transportation, our cherished Amazon expedition cruises which are specially designed to navigate on the Napo River, and simply the safest, most comfortable way to explore this charming destination. Here spacious, modern facilities, tasteful décor that complements the natural setting, private balconies, and panoramic windows designed to showcase the passing scenery everywhere on our cruise vessel, make this adventure an experience that delights us every day both inside and outside the cruise vessel, with so many forms and colors that have inspired some of the world’s greatest designers and historians.



The sound of the jungle is a constant companion in the Ecuadorian Amazon and a reminder of the abundance of life all around us in this extraordinary place. It is incredibly stimulating to hear the constant hum of insects, punctuated by the songs of birds, frogs, and toads as they call out to attract their mates. And of course, the haunting call of the howler monkey, a sound unlike any other you are likely to experience, which will sharpen the ears and prepare them for the new sounds to be discovered while we explore the different ecosystems on our many adventures.

While the animal sounds can be stimulating, there are other sounds that capture our attention in a different way, relaxing us and allowing us to connect with the rhythm of life. Walking through the forest, we are clearly aware of the pleasant sound of crisp leaves rustling underfoot, or the intense drumming of raindrops on tropical foliage, and the wind sighing in the treetops. During canoe excursions, the gentle sound of the river lulls our passengers while they delight in the natural landscape all around them, until the sudden splash of a playful dolphin inspires them to spot the animal as they follow the sound of its dive into the water. Guests are often pleasantly surprised by our expert nature guides, who have a knack for replicating distinct animal calls and, incredibly, almost always get a response.

The sound of the Amazon brings each day to life, early in the morning a symphony of birds announces that a new day has begun, and a chorus of insects informs us each evening that the day is coming to an end. And although we hear the vibrance of nature all around us, it is also possible to experience the rare gift of silence while contemplating the marvelous view of the Amazon basin from high above in an observation tower.

Finally, what makes the experience in this part of the world even more stimulating is that every day you will hear the unique dialect of the different local cultures that live here and care for these lands. Together with them, you can try speaking a few Kichwa words yourself, such as: “Imanallatak Kanki” which means “Hello, how are you?” or “Ashca Pagarachu” which means “Thank you very much”.

Constant and vibrating with life, the sounds of the Amazon will envelop you in a memorable experience that stimulates the senses.



Breathing the pure, clean air of the Ecuadorian Amazon will calm your mind and invigorate your energy, and its fresh scent feels like a breath of life flowing through every cell of your body.

solo traveler experiences in the Amazon nature

Every corner of the Amazon region is home to innumerable thousand-year-old trees and lush vegetation full of captivating aromas and fragrant tropical flowers, such as the exotic vanilla orchid, with its warm fragrance that is so well known for its use in perfumes and flavorings, and which can be enjoyed in its pure and natural state in the Amazon. For many, the good, rich scent of the earth is a delight all on its own, above all the scent known as petrichor, a beautiful word to describe the first hint of rain falling on the dry forest topsoil, which intensifies on the highly nutrient-rich soil in this part of the world.

observe the variety of plants in the Amazon

During our visits with local native communities, the comforting fragrance of burning firewood used for cooking provides a warm welcome and delights us with its aroma while we listen to interesting stories and learn about this native culture’s many traditions… Not to mention the delicious smell of the freshly prepared food that they will be inviting us to taste!

The Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest is a refreshing change from one’s daily routine, and truly, a breath of fresh air!



The more natural and biodiverse, the more abundant and generous the land is!

The equator’s privileged geographical location and its Amazon region make this destination one of the best places to delight your palate. This part of the world is abundant in delicious tropical fruits, of which the most sought after are passion fruit and pitahaya, and others are so exotic that you may have never heard of them before.

try the gastronomy at the Amazon

Ecuador is famous for being the world’s largest exporter of bananas and plantains, and onboard our cruises, we can enjoy them as part of the culinary offerings featuring traditional cuisine that will not fail to impress you with the very best dishes from each region of Ecuador.

There is so much to enjoy and so many new things for every type of palate! Our expert chefs on board carefully balance the different flavor profiles, making use of the highest quality ingredients, always fresh and prepared with the finest gourmet techniques in which flavors, textures, aromas, and colors combine perfectly, creating delicious dishes and desserts that simply melt in your mouth.

cacao experience at Anakonda Cruise

And there’s more! Of special mention is our onboard chocolate tasting with fine Ecuadorian chocolate (Pacari) that has won several bean-to-bar awards with the International Chocolate Awards. Did you know that some of the world’s finest chocolate is made with Ecuadorian cacao?

During our excursions, it is also possible to taste rainforest’s natural flavor offerings, such as the cocoa fruit in its pure and natural state and the much-coveted cinnamon bark, for which the famous expedition of Francisco de Orellana began in search of the “land of cinnamon” and resulted in the discovery of the Amazon River, an expedition that began in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

adventure through Amazonian gastronomy

Continuing our exploration of flavors, the more adventurous do not hesitate to try the citrusy flavor of the “lemon ants” that live in a group of trees called “the devil’s gardens”, or taste the nutty, buttery flavor of a toasted “chontacuro” larva and a special energy drink known as guayusa tea during our visit to the local communities. Here the community’s women kindly also offer us their delicious traditional Amazonian dish known as “maito”, which consists of local ingredients such as white cocoa, fish, heart of palm, sweet ripe plantain, green plantain, and cassava prepared wrapped in large bijao leaves and steamed.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer adventure or something more traditional, we can assure you that an Anakonda Amazon cruise experience is always in good taste!



Feel life itself through nature!

It is said our sense of touch is an extension of the heart which allows us to connect with the world, which in turn can stir emotions deep within us.

The vast biodiversity of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest pulsates with life and allows you to feel it through your hands in a world full of tactile experiences that invites us to explore with the same curiosity that we had as children.

meet amazonian variety of species

There are experiences everywhere, from feeling the slightest tickle of an ant as it walks across the palm of your hand, to wrapping your arms around a gigantic ancient tree and feeling the energy flowing inside it, or just curiously dipping your hand in the cool river as you canoe down rivers and peer into their depths to decipher the mystery of their changing colors.

learn the traditions of Amazonian natives

We can also experience enriching sensations that connect us with mother earth such as harvesting cassava at a native farm and grating it with rustic implements as the women of the community do; making crafts with our own hands using leaves and seeds from the forest, or choosing experiences that invite adventure such as swimming in a piranha lagoon, sliding the oars of a kayak through the water while we explore, or even trying to shoot darts with a blowgun! One of the most exciting and rewarding moments of all is holding a baby charapa turtle in your hands to release it onto a riverbank, contributing to the repopulation of this endangered species.

interact with turtles at the Amazon

No matter what experience you choose, you are sure to feel life through nature and the deep sensations and teachings that come from this connection.



The Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest is a living laboratory that invites us to enjoy a pure and natural experience in contrast to this busy digital world, where experiences are created to stimulate consumerism in human beings. It provides an opportunity to return to the essence of life, learn from it, and reconnect with nature.

traditional activities at Amazon Ecuador

Each one of the experiences that we are part of in this incredible part of the world can generate a different emotion in each person, and many are amazed when they first meet the ancient trees responsible for cleaning the air on our planet. Others are amazed by the incredible endangered animal species that live here and face an ever-greater threat of extinction, and everyone is surprised by the simple way in which the local ancestral communities live in deep connection with mother earth.

cultural experience at Anakonda cruise

Whatever the experience or feeling that had the deepest impact, we can all agree that the set of experiences and learning opportunities provided by the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest have completely changed our lives, making us aware of the importance of caring for nature and life on the planet, and awakening the purest feelings of love and gratitude.

If you feel the need to reconnect with yourself, with your family, or with nature, we invite you to feel the Ecuadorian Amazon and have an experience that will change your life.

Let yourself be amazed by the Ecuadorian Amazon and discover our special offers.