Rainforest Excursion Experience - FEEL THE AMAZON - Anakonda Amazon Cruises

If you would like to interact with nature and be able to see animals up close, this experience is a must on your excursions list. During our cruising itinerary onboard the Anakonda and Manatee, you can have a rainforest excursion during the day. Whether our morning or afternoon hiking are fascinating to help us understand how everything is connected as we discover rare and unique species of animals and plants.

The walk starts through the paths inside the rainforest, identifying specific species of fauna and flora plus their curious characteristics. The guides are so knowledgeable about the rainforest, so they will share stories and the details of each plant or animal you encounter. Depending on the animals’ natural behavior, they can spot wildlife that camouflages so well. Also, the guides have lived in the Amazon since childhood, so they can make sounds that help them find some animals and even hear them reply! It’s amazing! You walk through the different ecosystems of the Amazon rainforest in this particular area in Ecuador. The Várzea, Igapo, and Terrafirme are the kind of ecosystems that hold distinct biodiversity pristine to those areas only. These environments range from exuberant greenery, plants with local produce and fruits, and immense trees with lianas. The place where the hiking excursion takes place will vary due to the weather conditions. Having such diverse ecosystems influences the climate, so we are always prepared to offer the best experience adapted to the moment.

All jungle walks are viewed as “soft-adventure” when talking about the range of levels. However, it can be adjusted for those people who seek more of a physical challenge. Sometimes, you find mud when it is raining, and it might spice things up and turn them harder. Guests always will count on the guide’s support. Nonetheless, your positive energy is ever great, as we provide rubber boots, rain poncho, and water bottles. You might consider taking insect repellent, sunscreen, and a hat or cap as protection. Also, we can provide sticks as support equipment to anyone who requests it. The hikes can last from one to two hours, according to the group and wildlife activity that’s in a way unpredictable.

The groups settled by eight people plus the guide. Now, when zooming into the explorer scope in you, you can find marvelous creatures and exotic plants with peculiar uses. Some insects have unusual characteristics like the lemon ants, army ants, and leaf cutter ants. Besides, they share the same family, they are unlikely similar species, and understanding their behavior and differences is quite fascinating. Maybe even watch them in action. On the other hand, you can spot rare plant species with exotic names and functions such as the cotton Monkey comb, Vanilla vine and amazon garlic vine with interesting smells,  fiber palm tree leaves to use for handicrafts, and a seed with special oils that serves as a torch to use at night in the jungle. 

Everything sums up on incredible experiences with many diversity in animal and flora species. In fact, Ecuador contains only 2% of the entire Amazon. But that relatively small area is one of the most diverse and pristine areas in South America, and possibly in the world. In this exclusive and unique environment, you can spot wildlife and meet the different indigenous tribes that live there. Admire the Amazon from its smallest insect to the highest tree. To even understand how water is so important as the main principle of life. Guests are always surprised to see something different from what they’re usually accustomed to while learning a lot from nature. Still, through the journey, guests gain awareness about preservation and some of the pollution threats these zones face. That’s why we are so joyful to share this experience and invite more people to be one with the wildlife and walk as part of the ecosystem. Everyone has a role to perform in this magical nature work of art that is the Amazonian rainforest in Ecuador. Anakonda Amazon Cruises delight in this exploring experience to bring to life our guests’ dreams. Indulge yourself to Feel the Amazon away from the day-to-day traffic or work routines, giving you space to “detox” and reconnect with nature, rare facts, knowledge, and stories through our excursions and the people you meet.