Imagine being able to navigate in the river of the Ecuadorian Amazon while watching birds of different colors and jumping monkeys from tree to tree. You often get to spot diverse species of birds, species of monkeys, fish jumping off the water, and if you are lucky enough, you might spot pink dolphins or giant otters. It takes your breath away and makes you feel the Amazon. All your senses awaken to this unique environment full of wonder and adventure. You can experience all this through the Kayak activity we offer within the Manatee and Anakonda cruise trips in both short or long itinerary options. 

This activity can take place at different locations along the creeks of the Napo River or Pañacocha lagoon. It is one of our highlight aquatic adventures where you get to spot the pristine biodiversity. You can enter places that have difficulty walking access but easy to get through kayaking. Kayaking might take an hour to two hours; it depends on what you feel comfortable with and, of course, the weather conditions. On a sunny day, you can see the intact reflection of the sun and clouds on the water, and its appearance resembles heaven, as some guests have described. They’ve also told us how they can literally “Feel the amazon”, as they hear, smell, and breathe the Ecuadorian rainforest while navigating through the river. What’s usually described as the “silence” of the amazon is often full of noise, I know a bit contradicting, but it refers to wildlife noises from insects, the wind bubbles under the water. It is more like an Amazonian symphony that can be heard.

For the practicalities of this Kayaking experience, you have to know that you are in the best and safest hands. We will provide life jackets, but you might need to wear a bathing suit, a cap, sunscreen, or rain poncho just in case it starts drizzling; but do not worry because it won’t be cold. We suggest doing it in double kayaks with a buddy because the effort is shared.

Yet if anyone wants to go solo in the kayak, we have enough kayaks to please our solo travelers. In case you get tired or have any trouble getting back to the dock, we count with a motor canoe ready to pick you up. Also, our guides carry GPS Satellite phones in case of an emergency. They will always accompany you through this incredible experience to point out visibility and understanding of nature at its fullest. Besides, they can eventually capture some photos for you. If you want to bring your camera, we strongly suggest having a waterproof camera or bag to put it in.


This one is a private and intimate activity that differs from other kayaking experiences. It is something special we share with our guests because we are the only ones to kayak in the area. You will not encounter yourself with other canoes, in this instance, not even people from the communities. In the end, it is astounding to have the opportunity to explore in total silence on the river with the kayak. You get the chance to get closer to wildlife and reach places that are unreachable walking. You get that sense of belonging and being one with the flow of the river creeks in nature. You can relax and might even want to stay there forever. We are glad we can offer this experience to most of the guests. They bond closer to us and nature after the kayaking experience through each story, lots of laughter when some couples realize they have to paddle together to move forward. So many real-life lessons we get along this journey in our travels with our guests. We invite you to be part of this and “Feel the Amazon” in Ecuador at another level, that for sure will enhance your senses and leave you with beautiful memories in this adventure.