Glamping Experience - FEEL THE AMAZON - Anakonda Amazon Cruises

Immerse in another realm of the wild rainforest while keeping comfort in our lush glamping experience. We offer to our guests this optional activity in our five or eight-day cruise itineraries. If you have ever wondered how it would be like to be one with nature, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. You embark on a spectacular adventure in the depths of the Ecuadorian Amazon that includes the finest food and beverages, kayaking in unusual smaller rivers, and admiring starry nights that will leave you in awe, amidst other enlightening moments.

You enjoy an evening away from the vessel without leaving the first class service we offer throughout the whole trip. We can visit from our selected spots in Cocaya or Jatunchocha to secluded places in the heart of the Amazon. Discover the adventurer inner spirit in you and delight with the wonders of biodiversity in our morning and night walks where our guide will point out some unique flora and fauna. You can also know more about the environment and its most renowned local legends, full of mystery and ancestral richness. The whole scenery adds up to our facilities and creates an eco-friendly environment with a comfy luxurious vibe. From the toiletries to a fully equipped tent for you to sleep in, you will feel in total relaxation while sighting new angles of nature that surround you.

At night the chef will prepare a delicious dinner that you can pair up with your favorite wine, next to a warm bonfire, to create the perfect outdoor atmosphere.

Our chefs and guides often entertain your stay with unique storytelling about their lives in the rainforest and all sorts of local tales. During the night, you can take a walk or navigate through the river to spot some caimans and other species that come out at dusk. Later on, it is time to rest in the cozy cots inside your tent and sleep through the symphony of nature. In the morning, you can indulge your appetite with freshly made coffee and exotic local fruits, and be ready to keep exploring a bit more. With sunlight, we can spot more of the biodiversity, including the particular sloths, monkeys, colorful toucans, birds, anacondas, and pink dolphins. Yes, it is an incredible display of wild animals at a safe distance from you to capture with your cameras.

Through this experience, we want to achieve the utmost feeling of the Amazon and the close encounters with biodiversity. We invite you to live, for one night, in a magnificent and magical space. It is a specially crafted place to bring the best from the modern world to the rawness of the jungle. You can have the best of both worlds at the same time and spend a memorable evening with your loved ones, from two to eight people. Though our glamping option does come at an additional cost, it is the perfect escape for you to encounter the profound beauty of nature is a once in a lifetime experience.