Cooking Lessons Experience - FEEL THE AMAZON - Anakonda Amazon Cruises

Every day on board you’re enjoying expertly crafted gastronomy prepared by our highly skilled chefs. Wouldn’t it be fun to learn how to cook this exquisite Ecuadorian cuisine yourself? That’s exactly what you’ll do when you take part in our cooking class activity.

Sometime in the afternoon (after an action packed morning wildlife excursion) we’ll gather in the dining area to meet up with the chef.

All the ingredients and utensils will be ready and waiting.

The chef will show you how to expertly slice and chop each ingredient to maximize flavor.

Then the frying begins.

Don’t worry. This isn’t simply a demonstration. You’ll get to prepare and cook the food right along with the chef as he guides your every step.

Once your dish is cooked to perfection, you’ll get to taste your fabulous creation.

Mmm, pretty good. You didn’t know you were such a rising culinary star, did you?

The specific dish that you’ll prepare will change depending on the particular itinerary and what the supplies that the chef has on board.

Maybe you’ll get to grill a juicy lomo steak wrapped in bacon, served over delicious pureed sweet potato. Maybe there’ll be a fresh catch of catfish from the river, ready for you to sear and season.

Take careful notes! We hope you’ll take your experience home and prepare a tasty Ecuadorian dish for your friends and family when you get back!