Camping Experience - FEEL THE AMAZON - Anakonda Amazon Cruises

There are few places in the world that can awaken the imagination and spirit as much as the Amazon basin.  Teeming with life since ancient times, the region boasts of an astounding level of biodiversity and untainted natural beauty that delights visitors from all walks of life.  In this special corner of the earth, adventure awaits you at every turn, and there is simply no telling what you may see or experience. The unexpected is certainly one of the Amazon’s greatest treasures.

So why not immerse your five senses in this magical world? While on board the M/V Manatee Explorer Cruise, we invite you to take advantage of your trip to this region of the world and escape for an unforgettable night of Camping in the Amazon.  We promise you – there is nothing like it!

We have selected the very best campsite – the Pañacocha Protected Forest Reserve!  Pañacocha is classified as a Humid Tropical Forest, with abundant wildlife throughout, including 9 species of primates, 500 bird species and more than 100 fish species.

Our guests will enjoy their overnight stay in special huts near the Pañacocha Lagoon.  Recharge your spirit with the power of nature!

Camping includes:

  • Dinner & Breakfast served at our main hut situated in front of the picturesque lagoon
  • Private Bathroom and showers
  • All huts are built with natural materials sourced in the area
  • Each hut is equipped with beds (with mosquito nets), a closet and a hammock, for your comfort and enjoyment

*Note: This additional Camping program has a net price of $250 per person, and it is available on Wednesday night only (applicable to the 5 Days/ 4Nights and 8 Days/ 7Nights itinerary). Available for minimum 2 passengers and maximum 8 passengers.

If you are interested in joining us for this unforgettable experience, please contact our sales team today!